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April 6, 2016
How do you use social media to help businesses grow in 2016?
April 28, 2016

Red 14 Plastic

The Brief

Neil had already experience the high level of service YesCanDo offer and was reffered from YesCanDo Money to design a new website for his new business. Neil was keen for a modern, mobile friendly website that reflected his brand, his services and as time went on his products / case studies.

The Solution

We built a very red and white website as branding was a top priority. The website is mobile friendly & modern as standard and is image heavey due to the nature of his work. The majority of people these days do not want to read loads of unbroken boring wording. This is why we get out professional copy writer to create wording that is interesting, to the point and doesn't waffle on! Then with a use of graphic work, pictures and calls to action we can direct website users through an experience that will answer their questions and then final push to take action via a link or making contact.

The Website