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May 26, 2016
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June 21, 2016

Where do your customers hang out in their spare time?

Where do your customers hang out in their spare time?

So, as a business owner or someone with an invested interest in business or brand awareness; do you read every marketed email you receive?

Well, I know I don’t.

Do you expect people to Google a service and just pick the first link on Google without having any love or respect for your businesses knowledge, passion, character or skills?

Well, I know I don’t.

Then may I ask, why do you continue to focus all your energy on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and email campaigns, yet still wonder why your sales are low? It’s because a lack of people are hearing you, your voice is being drowned out by the mass. Don’t get me wrong, there is a place in your business for email marketing as well as there is for SEO and your website but just not on their own.

You may be doing some Social Media for your business, great but is anyone engaging? Tell me, what is your last Facebook posts reach, emotion reaction or post action / click through? This is something you need to be doing yes but you need to be executing it in a killer way whilst learning how your audience takes in content and how it makes them feel.

So I ask; do you know where your customers / biggest audience hang out?

Let’s say I’m a photographer and my business is in photography. It’s early in the year and I want to start to gain some interest for the coming summer weddings. In front of my audiences’ eyes I would post my best looking wedding photos, photo tips and tricks, links to wedding websites / blogs and maybe even a freebee. Hey why not even team up with “your friend that is awesome at styling hair” and record a small video on different wedding hair styles? My aim in this would be to provide a lifetime value of respected interesting content, in the hope that people would respect my work and be more likely to buy in the future. I would post this content on Facebook for sure, Instagram without a doubt and hey I would even give Snapchat a go.

Why would I do all this? Because my prime market is 20 – 40-year-old women; whom are spending less time reading magazines in their breaks. What are they doing instead? They are looking at what everyone is up to on Facebook. They are posting a picture of their food whilst on Instagram searching #wedding. They are watching their fellow Snapchatters 24-hour stories. They are keeping up with the most modern ways of communicating to their friends and the world. So as someone in business, why aren’t you?

I know it seems like Social Media has always been there (which for our youngest generations, it has!) but it really is still in its youth and will continue to grow in our business and personal social lives for decades to come. This is why you need to take charge and delegate someone in your business to be in charge of advertising, content marketing and having a respected presence on Social Media. Then at least 5 times in a 7 day week, to post regular interesting content on the correct platforms where you can be heard by your best audience.

Admittedly, knowing, working and running Social Media platforms and the statistics that come with them can be a time-consuming and frustrating game. This is why YesCanDo Media offer Social Media marketing and management to businesses who want to be seen and heard when & where their audience are hanging out. You know it has millions of people’s attention, so why not take up a few seconds or minutes of their attention with your amazing valued content. YesCanDo Media also specialise in creating the content needed to tell your businesses story and to become connected, seen, heard, respected and valued!

Who are YesCanDo Media?

YesCanDo Media is comprised of a group of highly skilled individuals whom work / have worked in modern profitable businesses. Part of the YesCanDo group; they boast the successful growth of their fellow YesCanDo group companies through social media, website design and online marketing.

Their services will be available to businesses later this year, with the aim to saturate themselves within your business and become a motivationally invested member of your team. This along with their knowledge and love for social media marketing and connection building, will put your business name and character online amongst other relevant communities.