Facebook Messenger Update – A new era of communication for business

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January 6, 2016
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February 16, 2016

Facebook Messenger Update – A new era of communication for business


A new era of communication through online messaging and social media.

How will Facebook help my business?

Online communication is constantly changing, but we don’t need to tell you that! What you need to know is how to stay on top of the changes and ahead of your competition.

People while away endless hours on Facebook and business pages are becoming more than just a presence. Businesses are learning how to communicate with potential customers using this platform and becoming a part of consumers’ lives just as much as Facebook games and special interest groups. Facebook is becoming a way into the lives of consumers – businesses can be where ever their customers are and can interact with their customers on the go.

Facebook stats suggest that business pages number over 50 million, and that’s just the active ones! Customers really do expect a business to have a Facebook presence. They also reckon on 2.5 billion comments on business pages a month; if you’re business does not have a Facebook presence, get it there! If you need a hand with this, just ask.

Over the next few months, Facebook are rolling out new features for the business pages to give the page admins more control over the communication they are involved in.

Responsive Pages

Potential customers can already see how quickly a business is likely to reply to a message. This is changing! Now admins can select to advertise that responses will be received ‘within minutes, within an hour, within hours, or within a day’. This really allows the business owners and admins to take control of their pages.

Instant Replies

Another great new feature is instant replies. Admins can now set messages to automatically send when someone messages the page. This is such a useful feature, which will add a level of professionalism to social media.

Previous Knowledge

Professionalism is a theme running through these new changes to the Facebook business pages. Whenever a page admin opens a message, they will be able to see:

  • Past interactions the person has had with the page – great knowledge
  • Information the person shares publicly on their profile, like their current city – great for personalising your response
  • Admins can add notes about the person, like current orders, past customer service preferences or any other relevant information – again, great for personalising your response with the professional touch!
  • Admins can also add tags to categorise conversations, making them easier to find and respond to later. This really will add that extra layer of professionalism to your online communication. The bonus with this new feature is that all admins for the page will be able to see the notes that have been created, giving way to communication with customers in a personalised and seamless way.
Facebook has been and will continue to roll out these new features to all business pages within the next few months.